Welcome to AltmanNewman, where our focus is on environmental law and its impact on citizens, their families, communities, and local governments. Dedicated to Protecting Human Health and the Environment, we assist and represent plaintiffs who may be victim to injury resulting from pollution or contamination of our land, air or water.

Our approach, often executed via “citizen suits” is focused on facilitating solution-driven change through the enactment and enforcement of the law, as opposed to obtaining compensatory damages. Together, if we prevail, the polluter is responsible for paying all legal fees.

If you are victim to any such cause, or see the potential for harm related to environmental law violations, we have “enforcement strategy solutions” designed to activate Federal Environmental Laws you may not even know exist.

Learn about your environmental right to sue violators when seeking relief from pollution of our land, air or water.

Read about sample cases where we’ve facilitated the litigation of citizen suits to prevail over environmental perpetrators.

Check out what environmental issues are in the news especially in a time when our government’s priorities have shifted.


To learn more about AltmanNewman, formerly the D. David Altman Co. LPA (founded by Dave Altman), click on the video below to see how the firm puts the law to work solving environmental problems for everyday people, as well as, local and regional governments.


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