MSD's Hidden Secret

The Sierra Club's video (Left) led to the creation of a first-of-its-kind "Sewer in Basement" program to help victims while Hamilton County, Ohio's sewer overflows are permanently fixed. The video outlines the decades-old plight of sewer backup victims. The federal Consent Decrees require, as of September 2009, the permanent correction of all illegal overflows by 2022. In July 2009, the MSD and the US EPA asked the court to abandon the 2022 deadline. A link to the Sierra Club's opposition to that recommendation is provided. The court should decide whether to accept, reject, or modify the recommendation by the end of 2009.

Georgia Pacific

The Georgia Pacific plant explosion in 1997 led to a 2001 settlement agreement with the community. In addition to the money paid to the class of nearby residents, a medical program was established and two nationally known "liaisons" reviewed the operations of the Georgia Pacific plant. Links to Volume I, Volume II, and the Executive Summary of Volume III of the Liaisons' 2005 report are provided.